We are here for you! Whether it’s helping you connect to your breath, prevent injury, lead a healthier lifestyle, or decrease stress and pain, our passion is to help you achieve your optimal health so that you can live and enjoy life to its fullest.

All in-person appointments require Covid-screening and masking. To book an in-person appointment, please send us a message or email so that we can schedule you in. We also offer virtual appointments if that is preferable and/or more accessible for you!

All appointments are covered under extended health benefits under physiotherapy. You can email us anytime, tgphysiotherapy@outlook.com.

One on One sessions

Decrease Pain, Prevent Injury – Injury and pain limit your ability to enjoy life and move with ease. Physiotherapists determine the root cause of your symptoms and treat it so that you can live life freely.

PhysioYoga  – Uniquely blending the knowledge of a trained physiotherapist and experienced yoga instructor to help people move more fluidly with ease, less pain, and increase strength, balance and flexibility.  Also great for decreasing stress, built up anxiety, and tension.

Improve Mobility & Function  – Physiotherapy | PhysioYoga can help you achieve your optimal mobility and function, from everyday activities to occupational work demands to performance at sport.