1. Will my benefits cover physiotherapy / physioyoga sessions?

  • ​Registered physiotherapists are primary health care providers and treatment will be covered by extended health insurance plans. Some plans require a doctor’s referral prior to initiating your physiotherapy sessions – it is a good idea to check with your insurance company if you’re unsure.  PhysioYoga is covered, as it is under the form of exercise prescription.

2. What about Dry Needling or Acupuncture? Will that be covered as well?

  • Tatianna is a registered physiotherapist who has the qualifications and training to perform these techniques and could be using them as part of your physiotherapy treatment.  It would be part of your physiotherapy session.

3. Will I feel better after my first session?

  • ​Since the first visit is an assessment and thorough examination of your area of concern, you may not experience immediate pain relief.  During the assessment your pain may be reproduced to help determine your root cause of pain / condition in order for Tatianna to develop an individualized treatment plan for you.  Typically, there will be some treatment after the assessment (time permitting), to help reduce discomfort and pain.

​4. How many sessions will I need?

  • ​This depends on a few factors, for example, whether your condition is acute, chronic, what your goals are (e.g. injury prevention, post surgical, etc.). For this reason, your first visit is always a thorough assessment and Tatianna will discuss your individualized treatment plan with you, including frequency and number of treatments. Typically though, after 2-4 sessions you should experience improvement of your condition.

5. Is physiotherapy painful?

  • ​The goal of physiotherapy is to improve movement and function, reduce pain, and prevent future injuries.  It should not be painful but there is some hard work involved!  For example, if there are muscle imbalances you may have one severely tense and shortened muscle, while the opposing muscle is weak and lengthened.  As we work with various techniques (exercises, manual therapy, dry needling, etc) you may experience some discomfort.  Tatianna will always inform you of what techniques she may use ​and find balance between effective treatment and your comfort.  Remember, you always have the final say!