25 min Yoga for Happy Hips

Hips – they don’t lie! Do you feel tight in your hips? Ask yourself:

  • Can I sit comfortably cross legged on the floor?
  • Can I sit in a chair and cross one ankle over the opposite thigh, keeping my back straight?

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, and should be able to move in all directions.  Most of us who have tight hips find sitting cross legged uncomfortable or impossible.  Many chalk it up to old age but this isn’t true! Just like strength, flexibility comes with practice and is an ongoing journey. It is incredibly important for injury prevention. I really like to use the slip and fall example – if you suddenly slip and fall you’re more likely to recover quickly or reduce/prevent injury because your body has been stretched that way before. One of the many many reason why YOGA is so good for us!

This 25 min hip flow targets all muscles layers of the hip (there are several!!). It may feel difficult the first few times, especially if you are particularly tight in the hips. Repeat it daily for a week and stick with it, you will be surprised at how your body responds and how good it feels to open up those hips.


Postpartum | Postnatal Yoga | a video series

Hi hi! If you’re a new mom, a veteran mom, or just in need of some movement because you sit all day, this video series is for you! Because I am on maternity leave and just recently had a baby, I will be talking about the effects of feeding and carrying the baby, and the toll that pregnancy and labour has taken on the body.  The video series will focus on getting strength back in the core, opening up the tight and tense muscles that are repetitively used when taking care of a baby, and overall re-conditioning of the body. While this video series is targeted for postnatal women, there is no harm in following along if you’re just looking for a yoga practice to strengthen your core and condition your body. Below is the first video – you can find the rest of them weekly on my YouTube channel – Fit For Food Mom.

Please feel free to post any suggestions or requests! Looking forward to our online yoga journey together. Namaste!